UX Strategy

A succesfull product is based on a clear strategy that's the meeting point between:

feasibility + user needs + product objectives.

Strategy affects every decision we'll make during the UX process and how we'll design the experience.

It's mandatory find the answers to the following questions:

  • what do we want from this product?

  • what do our user want?

To sum up, strategy captures the essence of the product and defines what you are not building.

J. Garrett, in "Elements of user Experience", points out the concept of strategy includes also

  • "Brand Identity", meaning the characteristics of the impression we want to create in our customers

  • "Success Metrics" meaning how we'll measure the success of our products, for example time for visit, impressions, number of phone calls ...

To study in deep: UX Strategy by Jaime Levy

Rel-AXE, an example how to approach the "Strategy" phase

Rel-AXE it's a project for a laundry delivery app, I created for a Docomo contest.


  • product objectives

  • competitive analysis

  • user needs

  • business model canvas

Rel-AXE: is an on-demand laundry platform facilitating doorstep pick-up, wash, iron and delivery of clothes. Works by picking up dirty clothes from a user’s doorstep, getting them cleaned according to given preferences and delivering them back to customer’s doorstep.