The ROI of User Experience

User Experience makes products more understandable, usable and enjoable.

Who invests in UX has an important economic return:

  • It’s UX that differentiates a company from its competitors;

  •  It is UX that determines whether your customers will ever come back

  • Finallly UX has a great effect on customer loyalty.

In detail UX has positive impact on

  • Increase conversions, number of visitors

  • Decreased rate of abandonment

  • Strengthens the brand

  • Improve search engine rankings

  • Reduces development costs and user support costs

Cases history

2 versions: one for able- bodied users and one for users with difficulty in sight and hearing .


The simple version was a big success because able-bodied users used it too!


The result was dramatic: up to £ 13m pounds profit per year!

Takeaway: Customers prefer simple, understandable interfaces and interactions

Lee jeans store didn’t have many users.


  • Some important information regarding the products (jeans) was missing.

  • Many products are presented in inadequate sizes and colors

  • Complex site navigation

After the restyling and UX improvement the e-store had a big growth: 20% increase in traffic; 98% sales growth

Takeaway: start from users’ needs to create a successful experience