Information Architecture

Information Architecture refers how to organize content in digital product with the scope of make it findable for our users.
It enables users to understand where they are and where the information they want is, in relation to their current position.

When we talk about IA we talk about:





Why navigation is so important in the design process?

  • It helps us find what we are looking for

  • It tells us where we are

  • It tells us what's there

  • It tells us how to use the site

Navigation elements, desktop & mobile

In the desktop the main elements of the navigation bar are: logo, sections, utility, tagline, search.

See my article

In Mobile the best navigation pattern seems to be Tab Bar navigation because the main menu items are shown in a visible and permanent way.

The menu items will also be placed at the bottom of the screen (bottom navigation), this is because most users use the phone with one hand and navigate with the thumb, so the most easily accessible area is the bottom left. (How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices?)