Analysis &Ideation

It's the time to elaborate the data collected in User Research phase to find "the Design Solution".

In Analysis & Ideation phase users' needs and expectations must come to light in order to understand what features and which content we have to develop.

There are many methodologies applied by ux designers as personas, scenario, customers journey map, job to be done.
UXPIN book "UX Design Process Best Practices" is very useful to have a broad overview on this topic.

Personas are a representation of a type of customer, they help us to answer to the question “Who are we designing for?”  and to align strategy and goals to specific user groups.

  • Give a face to yuor users

  • Classify content and outline priority

  • Help choosing the proper language for your target

  • Communicate and define final users

  • Make team work easier

  • Encourage design centered around real people

customer Journey map_nielsen.png

Customer Journey Map is a visualization of the user journey to reach a goal. It allows to understand and address customer needs and problems. In its most basic form, the mapping of the journey begins by compiling a series of goals and actions of the user in a time frame. Subsequently, the skeleton is enriched with the user's thoughts and emotions in order to create a narrative. Finally, that narrative is condensed into a visualization used to communicate insights that will influence design processes.

"15 minutes" a wellness app

"15 minutes" is a project for a fitness app in which I took part giving my support creating personas, customer journey map, wireframe and prototyping them. 

Product proposition






Customer Journey Map

Wireframe and Prototype